Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Write an Email Marketing Message That Gets Results

Email marketing is a prudent and inexpensive way of attracting buyers if you have a list of subscribers for your emails or newsletters. However, you must send emails with messages that interest and compel readers to take the desired action for your email marketing campaign to be effective.

Here are essential strategies for writing email marketing messages that will be read and acted upon:

Write a compelling subject line

The subject line of your email should address the desire or need of the email subscriber. This implies that you must consider the reason why the recipient subscribed for your newsletters or emails. This could be because you provide vital technology information or because you guide them on how to do something. This reason should guide you in writing the subject line of your email.

Establish relevancy

Use the introductory paragraph of your email to establish the relevance of your email. Let the reader see why you sent them the email. Perhaps, the recipient bought your product in the past and now you have another product that might interest them. You should let the reader see that you know each other and that what you are offering is beneficial to them.

Be brief and straight to the point

You should provide a summary of the email message. The body of your message should also be brief and direct to the point. Each point of your email should have a section of its own. The main message should be at the front and also at the center of the email message.

Concentrate more on the benefits rather than the features

Although you should discuss both the benefits and features of your service or product, you should concentrate more on the benefits. Tell the reader how the product will benefit them or improve their life. Use features to elaborate the benefits of your service or product.

Use enticing and descriptive adjectives

Most recipients of email marketing messages read the first lines only and then delete the messages if they are not captivating. Using enticing and descriptive adjectives especially in the first lines will convince the recipients to continue reading the message. You can use a descriptive photo to support the words of your email.

Personalize the copy if possible

Where possible, try to make the subject line of your email more personal. This does not necessarily mean that you have to use the first name of the recipient. You just need to make the email more personal in terms of addressing the unique needs of the recipient.

Include a clear call to action

Always remember that you are writing the email marketing message in order to attract more buyers. Therefore, your message must have a clear and direct call to action. For instance, you can ask the recipient to click on a link to purchase a product or to click on a link for more details of your service or product.

Apart from writing quality email marketing messages, you should avoid sending your subscribers too many emails within short duration. Doing this will annoy the recipients and they will unsubscribe their requests.

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