Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Get a Great Web Design in Watford, Hertfordshire

Having a great web design in Watford is the first step towards establishing and maintaining a successful online presence. A great web site makes the journey of your customers easier and smooth. It enables visitors to navigate your site all the way to your call to action. Today, internet users are using different devices to access web sites. These include tablets and mobile phones. As professional web designers, we consider this fact and its effects on the features of a web design.

Responsive websites

We acknowledge the fact that minimalistic and simple web site designs have become increasingly popular due to their easy navigation on smaller screens. Responsive sites enable visitors to find information that they want easily and quickly. Additionally, search engines consider the loading time of a web site while ranking it. Therefore, it is important that your web site load faster because this will affect its position in the search engines’ listings.

Internet marketing companies are also using large fonts because these can be read with ease on mobile devices without zooming in. In addition, the content of your website including videos and images should be of a high professional standard. We take all these aspects of a responsive web site into consideration while offering our web design services in Watford, Hertfordshire.

SEO Web Design

Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques are capable of influencing your entire web site. While designing web sites, we optimize them for the search engines using different techniques. These techniques enhance the accessibility of web site, URL structure, Sitemaps, social snippets, displays in the SERPs and on-page SEO.

Design services

We offer graphic design services alongside web design in Watford. Our graphic design services cater for print, exhibitions and packaging needs of our clients. These services enable us to come up with web sites that have great looks with easy navigation. We design web sites that portray the businesses of our clients the way they desire. As a design agency, we take a branding approach that is perfect for our clients and their audiences. Each client has a unique business. Therefore, we design customized web sites for our clients. We handle every web design project with the unique needs of the client in mind.

Digital services

Digital marketing and SEO have evolved rapidly over the years. This is something that any company or business should consider while creating a web site. Having a site or web presence is not enough for you to be found with ease by the search engines and internet users. Your web site should be updated consistently with relevant, fresh content. When you provide more helpful information and articles to internet users, they will visit your website more. We offer different internet marketing and site optimization services including Meta tags and keywords, social networking, videos, blogs, forums and podcasts among other widgets that will improve the rankings of your web site.

Our major digital services include:  

·        Google analytics
·        Social media
·        Blogs and forums

Hiring services a digital agency will enable your web site to rank higher in the search engines since they will increase links to your web site. This is a very important aspect of being noticed while showing search engines that your web site is attracting and receiving the right visitors. Other digital marketing methods that we can use include email newsletters, html emails and web banners.


When you hear the word ‘branding’, you might think about your logo, what you promise customers and your business identity. Ideally, a brand should be a reflection of your business. It should depict how you want customers and prospects to perceive your business. People take an average of 6 seconds to judge a logo, a web site, or a business card. It is therefore important that you make your brand easy for your customers to associate with your business. When you have the right brand, creating the desired first impression becomes easy. In some cases, a simpler logo is easier to remember. An easily identifiable logo enables your business to stand out while enabling customers to recognize your business instantly. We can help you in ensuring a perfect first impression by maintaining an accurate representation of your brand.

We create stylish, responsive and innovative web designs for our clients. Call us now if you need a web design in Watford, Hertfordshire and we will be glad to help you.  

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